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Whether you want to repair your existing roof or lay a new roof, it is always recommended that you make use of the services of a Certified Roofing Contractor. Roofing in South Florida is a complicated task because of the complex weather that exists in our area. Storms, hurricanes and wet weather are not easy on the roof. Ever since Miami was devastated by Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990's, strict codes have been put in place to ensure high quality roofing systems.

Taking care of your roof during the rainy seasons is of particular importance because rains here can be rather unpredictable. It is not wise to keep a roofing decision for the end because with time, these problems become bigger and bigger. Since the weather is always changing here, we can go from dry to wet in the space of a single night. So, leaving the roof vulnerable in the stormy months could probably be the most unwise thing to do.

As a property owner it's important to consider the experience and reputation of the contractor you choose for your property improvement project. With us you can feel comfortable knowing that your project will be finished successfully by our qualified production team and dedicated support staff. We have specialized departments that focus on individual parts of the entire process.

Working with Roofing & Remodeling Projects Corp., you'll have peace of mind knowing that we are fully licensed and insured, Florida Certified Roofing and General Contractors. All our employees are covered by our Worker's Compensation Policy, and have a $1,000,000 per occurrence insurance liability policy for each project. Under and un-insured contractors can put property owners at unnecessary financial risks.

All our work is completed with the highest quality at a competitive price, and protected by our labor warranty.

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